A Furry Approach

 In Marketing

Samson, Security/Cleanup Crew Chief

Here at Flathead Beacon Productions we have found that by taking the more unconventional road, we are able to accomplish some pretty amazing things. One of the more “outside-of-the-box” ideals that we have here is by bringing our K9 buddies to work we have a better, more positive staff. In fact, we don’t just have one furry friend who visits our office; we fairly consistently have FOUR pups running around spreading joy.

Flathead Beacon, our all-encompassing parent company, has many departments and many employees. Those employees work very hard to not


Huck, Human Resource Officer/Zen Master

only get mountains of work done everyday but they also have to put-forth energy into being incredibly creative while getting that work done- which makes them tired. But, a short walk to the kitchen and a quick puppy break has been known to quickly perk them back up and reduce their stress-levels.


Ruby, Director of Napping Department.

Lastly, Flathead Beacon is going on its tenth year around the sun. I have only been here a little over a year and can tell you first-hand how much easier having my spunky red-heeler pup made meeting and bonding with a new crew. Now, I’m not generally an awkward person, but when your company is unexpectedly left with no owner, President or direction, then is sold to a new company 20 miles away, thus making you the new kid on the block surrounded by tons of talented “cool kids”…you feel a little naked. By having Samson with me, I was given an easy subject to connect to my new co-workers with. Lots of them either own or appreciate dogs and would make trips by my desk to say hello to him…and sometimes me.


Mowgli, newest member of the Beacon family.

Puppy-time has become an integral part of several employees’ days. Samson routinely makes stops at all of the desks that he has discovered contain dog treats. He is very stubborn with this routine and will patiently wait, staring you down for as long as it takes to get that delectable, crunchy morsel. It’s very rare that Samson isn’t at the office but on mornings that he stays home, the conditioned employees make sure to ask where he is and if everything is ok. Seeing that wiggly butt prancing through the office like he’s late for a meeting makes everyone’s day. Who wouldn’t want an office pup?





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