Why a Marketing Mix is Important

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It’s cliche, but true. Putting all your eggs into one basket rarely leads to success. Whether it’s diversifying your investments, your bets or marketing efforts. We often hear questions and comments about questioning if they need to be ALL digital, no digital, ALL traditional, no traditional or some cross-section in between.

Our advice is simple. A marketing mix, a diversification of efforts across digital, traditional, social, events, sponsorships and more is proven marketing success. That is… IF you keep your message consistent, clear and you have a very solid understanding of your demographic and buying personas.

And that road can be difficult to navigate.infographic_no_company

Very rarely do consumers only orbit in one marketing medium. Yes, they are on social media (sometimes a lot), but they’re also driving past marketing messages on billboards, listening to music, watching TV, searching online and physically going into a store. Why inhibit your reach in a one-dimensional way if consumers don’t exist one dimensionally?

Our approach is to keep your message simple, true to you and your business’s voice and branding and implement varied ways for your target audience to act, buy, recommend and promote what you’re selling.

After a free consult and analysis we may advise a strong digital campaign due your recent investment in a new, modern website that targets tourists searching for you before they visit. Or, if you’re not ready for a concentrated SEO effort because of an out-dated, unresponsive website, we would recommend we build you one then promote that via concentrated and proven SEO tactics. OR, a potential recommendation can be a substantial and targeted social media effort, focused on locals.

The lists and recommendations vary, as your marketing efforts should too.

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