Creating an effective call to action on your website

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We are all generally aware that websites serve many purposes, from selling goods, reserving services, educating users, sharing news and much more. With the introduction of smart phones and responsive design, websites are now accessible in the palm of our hands with recent figures showing that mobile use has passed desktop usage. So what does this mean for your business? How do you make sure you have an effective website that accomplishes something and makes your day to day business life easier? What is your call to action?

What do you want to accomplish?

When I first meet with clients to discuss a new website, whether it’s a redesign or an entirely new build from scratch, I always ask the most basic question “what do you want to accomplish with your website?” From there I think about the flow of the end user and how a clear call to action is going to alter their habits.

Take a minute and think about your own internet browsing habits. For me, I’ll start with a Google search about a general topic and pick one of the top pages that shows up in the organic feed based off of the relevancy of the meta info (for now I’ll wait to touch on SEO and how that plays into reaching your end users). I’ll open several of the results in new tabs and then I begin to explore the options. Once I open a site it needs to quickly and clearly tell me about the business and what that business offers, if it fails to do so I almost immediately “bounce” or move on to the next option until I find what I am looking for.

Depending on your industry you may only have a few seconds to capture your audiences attention. Therefore you need to guide users through your website and create opportunities to educate consumers, gather data (newsletter database, etc), sell products and so on. Allow users to naturally flow through your website, an effectively placed call to action can help with this navigation.

Your website is a digital secretary.

Going back to the question “what do you want to accomplish with your website?” I suggest writing down a few of the things you’d like to achieve with your site. Examples could be selling products, getting users to look at a food menu, booking a rafting trip, calling to request a service consultation, etc. Whatever your business offers, add these to a list and then prioritize them. Think of your website as a digital secretary working to make your life easier.


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It’s not always sell, sell, sell.

Once you decide on a few CTA’s to use throughout your site you can begin implementing and testing them. Keep track of your conversion rates and try some A/B testing with different phrasing. You don’t want your site to have a pushy sales person feel to it and bright red bold buttons might not be effective for your site. Each call to action needs to feel natural. Users should want to click on the buttons or input their email address into forms or add products to their shopping cart. Remember that a call to action does not always mean sell, sell, sell. Think outside the box and look at other examples around the web when you start thinking about your own website and how it could be more effective for you.

Shoot me a message and lets discuss the call to action on your website;

^see what I did there 😉

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