Always a Student.

 In Marketing

When clients reach a point of where they are asking for help from us — whether it be a new website, good design, marketing strategy or a produced video, they’ve accepted that they can’t do it all and need to be a student. They need help!

I love that– asking for help when help is needed and always being a student. Sometimes easier said, than done I’ve learned.

Always being a student is a little motto I remind myself of often. It’s a journey to go through a big marketing project with a client — they are learning from us, getting a service and/or product and learning a ton about a new aspect for their business, but more often than not, I’m learning too.

We run a dynamic business — all wearing a ton of different hats, which isn’t much different than the clients we’re helping to build their business. It requires grit, ethic and always, always learning. Always a student.

This mindset keeps you humble and nimble, able to see and learn about new opportunities, share knowledge and grow intentionally, not erratically. I love when I’m in tune with clients, their goals and truly can share in their successes, as if it is our own. I am able to glean amazing business knowledge and expertise, while we’re providing professional services to them. It’s a win-win.

At the Flathead Beacon newspaper, we’re coming up on 10 years as a newspaper and about four years as an agency and I will say, today doesn’t look like tomorrow and the day we started looked a lot different than today.

Here we’re working on internal systems and exciting opportunities for clients we know and for those haven’t met yet. We’re all digging in, opening our minds to possibilities outside of our day-to-day and really leaning toward new models, ideas and ways to provide better services, live and thrive here in the Flathead, support each other in passions and interests, while cultivating lasting relationships where we’re all a student, all the time. So, thank you Internet, clients, co-workers, bosses, friends, strangers, stories, children, other peoples’ children and everyone and anything else that offers a lesson. I’m your willful and grateful student.

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