Get to the point

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Get to the point. Cut to the chase. Stop beating around the bush. There are a dozen different ways to say it, and everybody in the marketing world is guilty of breaking this rule.

On occasion, that new campaign, product launch, or video edit, is so dynamic and groundbreaking, that the big payoff truly earns a drawn out reveal. But most of the time, your message, and your customer’s ability to engage with it, are better served by creative that has an instant impact. One that tells them exactly what the message is, and how they should feel about it.

The most obvious reason for this approach is that your message has to compete with the onslaught of information that we all process on a daily basis. How often do you find yourself engaged with multiple screens? Phone, laptop, TV, etc. There’s no such thing as a captive audience, so assume you’re always competing for someone’s divided attention.

The next time you’re writing copy, editing video, or pitching a customer in person, try leading with the punchline, showing your hand on the draw, cutting the B.S., and well, you get the point.

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