Your website content is way too long. 3 Reasons to Avoid Verbosity

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You’re building a new website. It’s exciting. You have a chance to tell the whole world who you are and what you do. It’s important that visitors to your website know every little detail about you and your business. Right?


Have you ever noticed that the most successful websites and businesses have very little description text on each webpage? It’s not because they don’t have much to say, but rather because they know that long content is counter-productive.

Here are 3 reasons to avoid overly long text

  1. Nobody reads long chunks of texts — Most people like a good novel, but they don’t like having to read 5 paragraphs of text to figure out what’s going on with your homepage. On the internet, people want instant gratification. That’s why people prefer to watch a short video in order to understand what you do. If there’s no video, they’ll look for an icon or an image that tells the story. If that’s not available, they’ll seek out a headline. And finally, if they must, they’ll resort to reading paragraphs of content.
  2. Bounce rate increase — The bounce rate measures the percentage of people who visit your site and leave within 5 seconds. There are many reasons why a visitor decides to bounce, but it’s almost certainly an instinctive reaction to something they see (or don’t see) on your website. Most the time, bounces occur either because someone doesn’t instantly find what they’re expecting to find (relevancy) or else some they calculate it will take far too long to figure out what the page is about.
  3. Lower Conversions — The main reason to avoid overly long text is because it defeats the purpose of your website: conversions. Whether you’re selling products, capturing leads, or even trying to improve old-fashioned foot-traffic to your store, you never want blocks of text to get in-between the user and the ultimate goal of conversion.

So what is the optimal word count for a single web page? Google recommends 200 to 400 words for search optimization. That’s a good rule of thumb, but not necessarily a hard and fast rule. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just so long as you’re text is direct, concise and to the point. And definitely make sure that your website content is not overly verbose.

If you need help refining you message or creating content for your website, just contact us. We have a team of award-winning writers on staff with a proven record of helping business communicate their message. After all, building a website is not as important as crafting a clear, concise message.



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