Iron Dreams

“Don’t Count the Days. Make the Days Count.”

Iron Dreams is a concept that Courtney Laabs and Brooke Rinehart developed to manifest their passion for the quote: “Don’t Count the Days. Make the Days Count.” As the pair trained for Ironman Coeur d’Alene, held August 2016, they selected a perfectly synergistic organization called Dream Foundation to help support.  Dream Foundation is the only national dream-granting organization for terminally-ill adults and their families. Leading up to the race in August, they continued raising money to fulfill dreams for people in need and involved with Dream Foundation


Create an attractive and relevant logo as well as a fluent, responsive, informative and aesthetically appealing website. 


-Utilize a more rugged typography and imagery to embody the organic human spirit and raw characteristics of the IronMan mentality. 

-Create and incorporate video to grab viewer’s attention and convey message as seamlessly as possible.
-Design and program an interactive graphic that keeps up to date with the funding that has been raised.
-Implement blog to keep followers current on dreams that have been granted.


Through traction on their website and other outside campaigns, Iron Dreams successfully raised funds for their partner organization, Dream Foundation. These funds helped sponsor and fulfill three “dream stories” of terminally ill patients.


In creating the Iron Dreams logo design, we began by having discovery meetings with the Iron Dream’s members, Courtney Laabs and Brooke Rinehart to determine the foundation for their organization. Their team was dedicated to conquering the Coeur d’Alene IronMan while generously contributing all proceeds for their cause toward the Dream Foundation and helping people who are less fortunate, achieve their final dreams as well. They live by the mantra “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” with the understanding that time, our most precious resource, is finite. In creating the logo design, we created a range of designs based on some sample ideas provided by the Iron Dreams team which took us in a couple of directions. One which was crisp and clean and another which had a much more rough, rugged feel. After the initial comps were presented, the team liked the idea which utilized the more rugged typography and imagery which embodied the organic human spirit and raw characteristics of the IronMan mentality. The deer antlers were a symbol which resonated with the team and the I and D from Iron Dreams were combined to make a memorable symbol for their logo.


While one of our web designers was in a meeting with Courtney, an idea was born…”Let’s incorporate an interactive graphic to show the amount of funds raised!”

We felt this would be a fun, different way to easily show Iron Dream’s fundraising efforts.

After deciding how it would, tentatively, work our web design team met with our graphic design chief to nail down the look of this new component. It was unanimously decided that we would depict a course that female athletes are completing, just like our clients would be the next couple of months, which included swimming, biking, and running.


The Iron Dreams story was rich with inspiring, and emotional, images perfectly tailored for video.

Over the course of several months, the FBP video team followed Courtney and Brooke through their training process, capturing footage along the way.

Everyone involved was enthusiastic about creating dynamic and fun visuals to help tell this story, and we experimented with several unique approaches to the filming process.

The most fun we had was riding a skateboard along the edge of the lap pool, while dragging a submerged GoPro through the water, to create the tracking shot of Courtney swimming.


Though Iron Dreams needed to be an informative site, we felt it was important to give it a happy, upbeat and attractive atmosphere as the core reason why donations were to be made was less than joyful. For this reason we chose to give the site a few extra “wow-factors” such as a time lapse slider. This slider statically shows both Brooke and Courtney jumping in the foreground, with the clouds time-lapsing in the background.

Another very important component was making the website responsive on every type of device. This way folks could check out the Iron Dreams mission, keep up to date with the blog or make a donation, even on the go!