Montana’s largest independent real estate brokerage.

PureWest Real Estate is composed of three separate and independent brokerages that merged in the summer of 2015. Trails West Real Estate (Flathead Valley), PureWest Real Estate (Bozeman) and West Venture Real Estate (Flathead Valley) merged together to form PureWest Real Estate, the largest independent real estate brokerage in Montana with 18 offices statewide.

Flathead Beacon Productions began working with Trails West Real Estate in the spring of 2014, on retainer, for full marketing strategies, creative and implementation. Our dynamic team assisted this ever-changing company in an equally fluid real estate market to help them become the largest, independent brokerage in Montana.

Flathead Beacon Productions delivers creative strategies and solutions, but also manages time, and budgets and project manages the many moving parts that comprise PureWest Real Estate.

With a massive statewide merger that took place in the summer of 2015 for PureWest, Flathead Beacon Productions produced and delivered the new look, name and brand with a seamless go-to-market plan, in-house buy-in and a widespread rollout of public relations, social media, consumer education and overall awareness with the goal of spreading the PURE message to consumers, but also B2B and internal clients, its agents.


Seamlessly merge three companies, refine the message and creative and unite 18 offices statewide with a consistent B2B and B2C go-to-market plan.


Develop a new creative look with updated and consistent messaging. Create engaging campaigns that span multiple layers of digital, print, social media and events that all drive home one message:

Relationships for life.


PureWest is now the largest, independent real estate brokerage in Montana

a.  #1 market position in the Flathead Valley
b.  #3 market position in the Bozeman Area (up from #4 position)
c.  Strong social media presence, spanning the state, but individualized per community
d. 150+ sales associates and growing!


Completely transform the three companies into one, with an updated look, visual language, font package, messaging and boilerplate.  This company now represented the largest independent real estate brokerage in Montana, so its look, voice and brand needed to represent something larger and more encompassing that its previous three, individual and separate brokerages.
This included significant buy-in from multiple owners, managing brokers, the president, chief operation officer, chief financial officer and agents.

Flathead Beacon Productions delivered a swath of collateral that was presented and rolled out to  consumers for the launch and announcement of the merger, but also built the in-house collateral it needed to educate its agents. Oh yeah, and don’t skip a beat because this announcement happened at the height of summer selling season. July.

No hitches, missteps or confusion could be afforded.



As mentioned above, there was significant effort in explanation of this new business to its individual agents, who do the bulk of the profit earnings for a brokerage. As these agents operate individually under a collective name, it’s a tricky balance to make sure they love, know and completely understand their new brand.

The look and feel represents the high-end, luxury affiliation of Christie’s Auction House and Real Estate, yet is modern, wistful and promising. Also representing the wind, something found quite prevalent in Montana.

A complete internal “brand book’” was created for agents that explained the look, the feel, including a complete visual language of dos and don’ts, proper logo usage and varieties with new marketing tools available to the agents.

The goal of this “brand book” and individual office meetings was to excite the agents into believing in the greater goal of the merger, pool resources and help them realize that this statewide merger, with website goals of creating a lifestyle-based search, on moving and living in Montana, was the right direction.



Coinciding with a significant B2B effort of creative, messaging and rollout, the consumer marketing effort and go-to-market execution involved engaging and clear creative, powerful social media and a widespread reach that involved the entire state.  As most business goes, the real estate market moves fast and this merger required a simple message that was consistent internally and externally. It would take months for the final pieces to be in place, but only weeks for people to start talking about it. It was up to Flathead Beacon Productions to craft the message powerfully and early. And then implement and track the initiatives.

It was exciting, involved many moving parts and the end goal for the consumers was a seamless transition of three brands with already great loyalty and  for customers to have the perception of:

“It’s clear they’ll be better together, plus have the technology and tools of a statewide team!”

Adopting the “Relationships for Life” tagline as the guiding messaging force from Trails West Real Estate into the three, taking assets from PureWest imaging and West Venture’s internal structure and support into one consumer platform were the guiding forces into all messaging and creative. It didn’t end with one announcement or launch, it involved and continued for the rest of 2015 – with partnerships, events, digital and social campaigns that all tied back to one:

PureWest Real Estate – we build relationships for life, and have the technology and support to be the largest independent brokerage in Montana. We focus on why the lifestyle in Montana is the best and we’ll help you find or sell your space with ethics, customer service and will do so for life.

In the following pages you’ll see examples of our consumer outreach marketing efforts all supporting this goal.


For PureWest Real Estate, Flathead Beacon Productions did complete creative, pagination & distribution of:

12 Listing publication magazines, and

1 premier, lifestyle magazine / Pure Montana

PURE MONTANA Magazine internal spread- a 36 page premier lifestyle magazine spanning major areas in Montana and touting the Montana Luxury/Outdoor Lifestyle


Wrote, created, delivered, negotiated, placed approximately

250 print ads to date:

PureWest Christie’s PURE MONTANA campaign


Designed, assembled and printed 344 property brochures and flyers to date.

Wrote, created, and mailed 40+ agent postcards and mailers to date.

11Windward Loop Flyer
Property flyer sample
5x7 postcard mailer targeting homebuyers shopping for Flathead Lake Property
Agent specific 5x7 postcard mailer targeting homeowners with Whitefish Mountain property
5x7 postcard mailer targeting luxury ski property demographic for buying, selling, or investing
5x7 postcard mailer targeting buyers interested in Whitefish Mountain Resort property


A contest among high schools with $12k award
Digital-based contest platform (September 4 – Oct 9 2015)

57,858 social impressions

7,636 video views

1,481 votes on page

10,481 platform ad views/ 38 click through

8 total films

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 1.11.59 PM
PureWest Christie’s Video Contest Showdown - Audience Awards , social media, web ads etc.



Connect PureWest with high school demographic,
charitable giving, increase reach of awareness
of merger


Award money


Awards Event

Digital Platform



The #yulelovethis campaign was a social media themed campaign held during the entire month of December, 2015.


The goal was to conversationally talk about the varying real estate, lifestyle, Montana tidbits and generally what life is like during this magical time of year. We weaved in real estate, but kept it light and were never hard-selling the real estate angle.

We created a fun voice, were creative in the imaging and showcased a variety of topics that involved a more story-telling aspect and focus.


$100 // Facebook advertising


Vast increased engagement because of shares, comments, conversations:

Shares increased 4:1

Reactions increased 15:3



Managing more than 6,300 active contacts on 52 separate emails lists, Flathead Beacon Productions has delivered above industry standard newsletter statstics for more than two years.

Pure West eNewsletter Stats:

6,300 Contacts on 52 Separate Email Lists

Average of 30.28% Open Rate

enewsletter campaign example

 50,000′ VIEW

PureWest Real Estate Marketing Mix // 2015:

PureWest is an example of how Flathead Beacon Productions can layer the marketing efforts, departments, bring a consistent voice bolstered by powerful creative, ad copy, website copy, unique and differentiating partnership events. FBP works within to make sure PureWest’s internal clients (agents) are on-board and “sold” on the messaging and act as individual brand champions, further bolstering the message on the streets, in conversations, social media and life every day.