Our Agency’s work environment and internal culture

We’re happy humans.

We work, live, play, and thrive in the Flathead Valley. We know we’re lucky to do so. We care deeply about this place, its people, our clients, and our coworkers. We’re champions of the outdoor space, the infrastructure we’ve helped to create to work here, how we play with our friends, and how we raise our families.

We celebrate victories and successes and offer comfort through hard times. We know each other’s spouses and children, and know when we’re not centered and work to achieve balance. We pick up each other’s spirits and assist in their workload. We admit fault, take responsibility and are humble. Integrity is the value of our self-worth, and without integrity, we’re nothing.

Our business and marketing philosophies:

We are extensions of you.

Truly knowing the client and its message, which includes voice, imagery and overall brand messaging, is crucial to delivering high-quality creative services. Listening is a key trait we bring to the table every time. Truly listening to the client, its stakeholders, and the data all provides a place of unique trust and reliability. Our team is your team. Your team is our team. We work together best when it’s closely and know that the best relationships are built on trust plus a clear ROI on all marketing initiatives. With that, we believe that communication, transparency, flexibility and a little fun are all values we hold in high regard and where we find the best balance and success when it comes to agency-to-client relations.

We have the talent it takes to fulfill and exceed your expectations. We strive to position ourselves as a happy extension of our clients and choose to work with those who share with us the victories, successes, challenges, and problems. Our internal culture is fast-paced, supportive and always looking for ways to raise the bar higher. We’ve proven our worth, authority and commitment to excellence.