Whether it’s digital, video, strategy, ad-buy or copy writing your entire Marketing plan can be devised, created and executed.


Great design takes a diverse team to deliver across multiple channels to include web design, branding and all graphic design.


Award-winning journalism, creative storytelling across mediums and products in the heart of the Flathead Valley.



We work, live, play and thrive in Montana’s Flathead Valley. We know we’re lucky live to here. We care deeply about this place, its people, its visitors, its businesses and our clients and coworkers. We’re champions of outdoor space, embrace new technology, collaborate collectively and love the infrastructure we’ve created to work and play here. Internally, we celebrate victories and offer comfort through hard times. We know our clients well, share in their successes and know our integrity is our barometer and without it, we’re nothing. Integrity is everything. We are a crew of 20 moving pieces orchestrating a newspaper, its distribution, the public’s readership, an agency, its moving parts, its growth, its clients. We tell stories with words, video and design. Let us tell your story.



  • It turned out to be the best investment in our advertising we made all year... Like any service… you can fix your own car, do your own taxes, you can also manage your social media advertising… but, I’d recommend spending your time focused on your customers and hiring the experts to build you a fantastic social media package.

    Scott Lester Whitefish Stage Organic Farms
  • Our company has always been impressed with the efforts that the Beacon puts towards exploring and understanding new technology and social media tools to help us more effectively market and reach our clients. While we have used almost all of their marketing divisions, we are really excited with what they are bringing to the digital marketing game now with Facebook advertising and management.

    Laura O'Connor CFO & COO - PureWest Real Estate
  • What I love about working with Flathead Beacon Productions is that they truly have our best interests in mind, in all of our advertising efforts and overall marketing strategy. The effectiveness and quality of work that we receive from the whole team is unrivaled. We’re a multi-faceted, fast paced business that moves quicker now with this team, especially with Facebook advertising, email marketing and content management.

    Chris Parrott Jesco Marine & Power Sports
  • I have consistently received positive comments on our website, and how good and informative/interactive it is, easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye…all the things you said that it should be. The most recent of those positive comments was this morning, and I just wanted to pass that compliment along to you, and say “thank you” again for your work. It makes me look credible. It makes me look good.

    Tom Britz Glacier Hops Ranch