Digital Advertising Management

Our agency uses the best tools to research, manage, implement, and report, so your ad campaigns will thrive. We have a deep understanding of advanced digital ad practices, which will result in higher conversions to meet your goals. Our team is committed to technology and advertising trends, as well as genuinely passionate for our clients’ work, efforts, and results. We are a dynamic, thoughtful, and results-based agile team of marketers.

Marketing Strategy

Defining the marketing direction you want your business to take by determining goals and setting up key performance indicators

Campaign Development

Creating campaigns and slogans that resonate with your audience in order to support your goals and increase your bottom line

Advanced Targeting

Knowing who your audience’s are, what channels and platforms they use, and when to display them ads is our specialty

Digital Advertising

Understanding a budget and goals and then determining the best advertising channels to use to reach the goals

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Increase Conversions


Email Marketing

Facebook Advertising

Video Ads


Instagram Advertising

Catchy Ad Copy

Goal Focussed

Paid Search

Precision Targeting

Digital Radio

What Our Marketing Clients Are Saying

  • Our company has always been impressed with the efforts that the Beacon puts towards exploring and understanding new technology and social media tools to help us more effectively market and reach our clients. While we have used almost all of their marketing divisions, we are really excited with what they are bringing to the digital marketing game now with Facebook advertising and management.

    Laura O'Connor CFO & COO - PureWest Real Estate
  • “In developing this internet presence, our initial thinking was that this was going to be our web presence. In working with FBP, multiple other options were outlined, integrated and executed, whereas the website was the tip of the iceberg of customer integration, sales and database building. After little more than seven months GHR is experiencing challenges with keeping up with lead inquiries generated from the web presence, which is a very good problem to have. The platform allows ample flexibility to add or update technical documents. We consistently receive positive comments on how informational our website is, and we cannot imagine how our business could have grown to where it is today (double YTD) without this critically important information management tool.”

    Tom Britz Glacier Hops Ranch
  • “Our experience with Nic and the crew at FBP has been great. They are very quick to reply and thorough in their discovery. We are very pleased with our website and their willings to update it when changes are needed. Lately I have worked closely with Nic on our AdWords and Facebook campaigns to continue to drive traffic to our site and retarget website traffic. He has given us the capability to track leads and conversions which are then tracked on our end through the sales process. This information has made it possible for us to make predictions and have a firm understanding of our ROI through digital advertising. I would highly recommend FBP for website production and digital advertising management.”

    Travis Davison SBG Montana
  • From the beginning FBP has shown competency in understanding and communicating the Discover Kalispell brand and remains consistent with brand integrity. They are creative and always pushing the boundaries to keep our platforms fresh and engaging. A lot of time and personal energy is spent by their team to capture great photos and capitalize on holidays and special events. FBP is very professional and accountable. They listen well and communicate objectives for each project and will do whatever is needed to deliver work products that are on time and meet our full satisfaction. I always feel they put the client first, believe in our brand and want us to be successful.

    Diane Medler Kalispell Convention & Visitor Bureau
  • On behalf of the Flathead area Rotary Clubs and Rotary Great Bear Committee, I highly recommend Flathead Beacon Productions for its expert technical assistance, marketing vision and implementation, creative artwork, and can-do approach. We knew Rotary’s Great Bear Festival was a formula for success, but it took clear marketing, strong branding and supporting collateral to make our inaugural event LOOK awesome to our friends and neighbors, sponsors, vendors and visitors. All of our good efforts would have fallen short without Flathead Beacon Productions.

    Lucy Smith Great Bear Festival