We’ll be your guide.


We’ll be your guide.

Helping you market smart to your people with a diverse portfolio of initiatives to make it hum.

Whether you’re connecting with your first clients, existing clients or breaking into a new market, our job is to devise and implement the best way  to tell your story to the people you want to reach. We are a media and marketing company built to engage our community and help build better businesses.



The process of defining the marketing direction you want your business to take. This entails nailing down the nuts and bolts of every dream and scheme. We’ll enlist every tool we have to outline, in concrete clarity, a master plan of action down the smallest detail. This includes brand development, the sharpening of a cohesive approach that’s inspiring and accessible. From here, our approach is like a science: results-based, reporting-heavy and researched-backed. We move forward only with decisions that support your business goals and drive the bottom line.

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It’s how customers interact with new businesses, learn about goods or services and make buying decisions. They stalk you online first.

Consider internet searches as one of the first place customers come to check you out. You still have face-to-face in your brick-and-mortar, but a mastery of the digital form is necessary for success and growth.

We know how to make that two-dimensional space feel personal and dynamic with powerful returns on your digital investments.

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If there’s a medium worth harnessing, it’s video, the future of content and digital marketing. The written word is powerful, but video is another undeniable element of a successful marketing strategy. A good video catches an Internet user’s eye and can, within a matter of minutes, fully explain your product or service, demonstrate its necessity, evoke feeling, and leave the viewer changed and motivated to act.

Studies show that 80% of Internet users remember the video ads they watched online, 26% of Internet users look for more information after watching a video and by 2017, video will potentially account for more than 60% of all consumer Internet traffic.

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These engaging, constructive half-day sessions are our hallmark marketing resource. Bring in your key players to discuss, create and vet ideas; we’ll bring our experts to educate and consult your team. We can help you flesh out a new concept, bring new perspective to an old one, or pepper in a little extra oomph to move past a plateau.

Learn how to reach your target market on Facebook. Set up Google Adwords campaigns. Set up a new Instagram account and learn the best practices. Get help setting up events.

What are some basic parameters of what you’d like to discuss?  The sky is the limit. We’ll do our research and prepare an engaging morning or afternoon for your team that will leave them educated, motivated and empowered.

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Whether it’s a catchy slogan blazoned across a billboard or fine print in a small digital ad, the written word is the foundation to communication.

Developing a brand voice is crucial and making sure it stays consistent throughout your marketing is vital.You want to your voice to be recognizable and consistent. Think of everything and anything that customers read as an opportunity to share your business’ personality and verve.

Our in-house, award-winning writers, copy writers and editors can produce fresh, punchy copy that suits your brand.

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