We Produce Quality Publications

From our high-end glossy magazine to our weekly newspaper to our online website that draws the most traffic in Northwest Montana, we offer a number of platforms to spread your business’ message to the customers that matter.

Flathead Beacon

Named the best weekly newspaper in the state by the Montana Newspaper Association, the Flathead Beacon delivers thought-provoking news and commentary to the greater Flathead Valley. About 25,000 copies of the newspaper are printed every week and each issue includes original in-depth coverage of everything from politics to sports. With a hyperlocal and approximate readership of about 58,000 in a footprint of 100,000, it is the backbone of our news operation.


Along with being named the best website among Montana’s weekly newspapers, flatheadbeacon.com enjoys a robust and growing audience. The mobile-friendly site, where we publish up-to-the-minute news and host videos and slideshow, attracts more than 100,000 unique visitors a month, according to Quantcast, the most of any website in Northwest Montana.

Flathead Living

Aimed at locals and tourists alike, our seasonal quarterly magazine focuses on the Northwest Montana lifestyle. We print 25,000 copies of each issue, which are available at prime locations across the valley, including hotel rooms. From in-depth features to restaurant reviews to home profiles, this attractive magazine showcases the region we call home. It was also named the best niche publication by the Montana Newspaper Association.

Glacier Journal

The newest member of our publishing arm, Glacier Journal was first printed to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service. It was so successful that we decided to continue printing the publication annually and deliver it across the valley as a go-to guide for Glacier National Park and the Crown of Continent. Filled with maps, trail recommendations, and a business guide, the journal is essential for anyone exploring the park.

Special Publications

Need a publication or guide for your upcoming event? We do that, too. From fairs to concert series to home and garden showcases, our talented designers, writers, and editors will create a magazine that represents your brand and meets your needs.

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